Swanee River Minstrels


Swanee River Minstrels


Cover of a script for a minstrel show entitled 'Swanee River Minstrels.' This item was found in the Cornelius Recreation Club Collection. The Club put on several minstrel shows in the 1940s.
This is one item from a collection of materials that once belonged to the Cornelius Recreation Club, which was active in Cornelius, Oregon from 1947-1950. Their stated purpose was "to provide recreational activities for both the young and older people of the community," and their regular social activities included dances, sports, picnics and holiday parties. The Club also hosted several minstrel shows. These offensive musical plays featured white community members wearing blackface and dressed in clownish outfits, denigrating African American people and perpetuating racist stereotypes. These shows were presumably given to all-white local audiences.

Date Created

circa 1940s


99 pages






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