Cornelius Civic Club


Cornelius Civic Club


Group portrait of the women who started the Cornelius Civic Club. One of their major accomplishments was the founding of the Cornelius Public Library in 1912. They are standing in front of the building which held the fire station and library.
[back] L. A. Jackson [address redacted] [in pencil] Mrs. Talbot; Cornelius Fire Hall + Library [first list, on left] Bess Helscher; Anna Thiese; Gladys Sahnow; Mrtha [sic] Vickers; Clarisa Shultz; Myrtol Holtz (Hergert); Mrs. Bunning; Lizzie Gannett [middle column] Lena Jacobsmulen; Mrs. McClara Mary Susbauer; Mrs. Scott; Mrs Mildred Kamana; Mrs Jones; Anna Talbot; Mrs. A. K. Renolds; Mom Jackson; Mrs. Litter; Mrs Wilcox; No; Mrs Hobbs; Mrs. Brock; Mrs. Barrett; Mrs. Fisk; Lotta Chestnut; Mrs. Wright; Mrs Creekpaum [right column] No; Mrs. Finigan; Mary Moobery; Reta Bunning; No; Louise Cockran; Mrs. Russell; Dorthey Cockran; Mrs Ben Henderson; Mrs Henry Berhman; Mrs Peabody; Mrs Malanson; Mrs Stafford; Mrs Eco [sic] Shaw; Mrs Long

Date Created

circa 1912


albumen prints






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