Cornelius 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, 1907-1908


Cornelius 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, 1907-1908


Group portrait of the students who attended the Cornelius school in 1905-1906. This photo is of grades 3, 4, and 5, and they stand with their teacher Lester Mooberry. This photo was found in a booklet entitled 'Schools' by Lester Mooberry, and includes a list of the students who attended.
[note] Cornelius School, Dist. No. 2; 1907 -- 1908; Last term in old building; Grades 3, 4, 5; Barrett, Juanita; Barrett, Merle; Bacon, Willard; Bacon, Lawrence; Bacon, Merle; Buchele, Pearl; Buchele, Harry; Chapman, Iva; Cook, Alma; Deaville, Harry; Dickerson, Zilda; Duncan, Minerva; Duncan, Orville; Erker, Louie; Fitch, Paul; Geiger, Rita; Hamilton, Gail; Hamilton, Herbert; Hatch, Charlie; Hendricks, Mary; Kidd, Madge; McCurdy, Vera; Mann, Joseph; Mann, William; Matthias, Mary; Morrissey, Joseph; Nealeigh, Florence; Nealeigh, Clinton; Oppenlander, Minnie; Peterson, George; Phelps, Mark; Phelps, Timothy; Rogers, Hazel; Rogers, Oscar; Russell, Atha; Saunders, John; Schoonover, Annie; Schoonover, Adrian; Schoen, Willie; Schoen, Harry; Seidler, Eddie; Seidler, Lester; Susbauer, Carl; Susbauer, Dora; Susbauer, George; Susbauer, Frank; Vanderven, Eddie; Vanderven, Joe; Walton, Hazel; Wendell, Thelma; White, Robert; White, Clarence; White, Elsie; Wiedewitsch, Robbie; Wiedewitsch, Florence;

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circa 1907-1908


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