Cornelius school, 7th and 8th grade, '17-'18


Cornelius school, 7th and 8th grade, '17-'18


Group portrait of the 7th and 8th grade students who attended the Cornelius school in 1917-1918. This photo was found in a booklet entitled 'Schools' by Lester Mooberry, and includes a picture of the students in front of the school and a list of the students who attended that year. The photo specifically identifies three people: Harold Schoenfield, Lester Mooberry (their teacher), and Donald McPherson.
[front] Cornelius School 1917-1918; Harold Schoenfield, Lester Mooberry, Donald McPherson [note] Cornelius School, Dist. No. 2; 1917 - 1918; Eight Grade; Della Phelps; Rita Bunning; Margaret Sherbrooke; Virginia Leiter; Etella Storhow; Maude Killgore; James Randall; Leo Susbauer; Myron Phelps; Bernard Hendricks; Madison Anderson; Harold Scholfield; Harold Henderson; Ernest Behrmann; Walter Oppenlander [crossed out]; Lewis Shogren; Wilber Storhow; Seventh Grade; Helen Anderson [Mann written in pencil next to it]; Ella Otis; Etta Fitch; Ray Neep; Walter Oppenlander; Gottlob Schuh; Harold Shogren; Donald Randall; Ernest Dickenson; Joe Sonnen; Phillip Ritthaler; Walter Mayhack; Wayne Pugh; Kenneth Scott; Donald McPherson; Delbert Starrett

Date Created

circa 1917-1918


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