Cornelius School, 1920-1921


Cornelius School, 1920-1921


Group portrait of the students who attended the Cornelius school in 1920-1921. These are the students for the seventh and eighth grade. This photo was found in a booklet entitled 'Schools' by Lester Mooberry, and includes a picture of the students in front of the school with the teacher, Lester Mooberry. Some of the students are identified: top row, far left: Sylve Switzer; third from left: Lloyd Shaw; fifth from left: Lyle Geiger; sixth from left: Evelyn Holscher; far right: Bertha McClaughry. Second row: far left: Hazel Phelps; second from right: Neva Parsons. Third row: far right: Marie Switzer; second from right: Charlie Beaman. Fourth row: far right: Anne Schuh; second from right: Gladys Holscher; third from right: Helen Talbot; fourth from right: Oneita Susbauer; fourth from left: Dorothy Cochrane.
[note] Cornelius School, Dist. No. 2; 1920 – 1921; Eight Grade; Julius Deneworth; Marie Switzer; Blanche Pizer; Bartha McClaughry; Edna Wiedewitsch; Hazel Phelps; Gladys Holscher; Evelyn Holscher; Irwin Asbahr; Irving Viohl; Gladys Stark; Edna Bennett; Vilena Goodin; Oneita Susbauer; Helen Talbot; Loyal Mann; Eugene Henderling; Lyle Geiger; Anna Schuh; Urbana Boncquet; Charley Beaman; Lizzie Ritthaler; Maggie Kerr; Seventh Grade; Sylve Switzer; Harold Finegan; Fern Pugh; Frederick Hering; Delbert Potter; Dean Miskimmins; Bessie Rutledge; Agnes Fuller; Anne Liepold; Theodore Liepold; Francis Lytle; Lloyd Shaw; Floyd Sniff; Everett Prickett; John Renner; Birdie Shipman; Dorothy Cochrane; Neva Parsons; Thelma Schoonover; Wesley Alloway; Cecil Pizer; Rose Dunham; Roy La Follett; Charles Fuller; Edmund Hanson

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circa 1920-1921


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