Montgomery Turner house


Montgomery Turner house


Montgomery Turner's family home. Turner was one of the founding members of Banks, Oregon, and built the first store in the town.
[caption] Existing house 'Gum' Montgomery Turner live [sic] in location on Banks Road as it presently looks - Aug 2002; Montgomery being Banks, Oregon's first general store proprietor, had a container filled with credit documents stored in the attic that had never been paid. Turner granted credit transactions in addition to groceries, and when the people defaulted on this mortgage payment, Turner had to take over this farm and made his family home here. The farm was initially in hops, harvested each year by Russian migrant workers who stayed in tents pitched in the Oak Grove that was above the barn yard. Then the farm was planted to Marshal [sic] strawberries and the farm was managed by the Shigano family living in a house west of the Orchard. World War II caused that family to be displaced. Since then the farm has been in grains.

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