Lincoln School Forest Grove


Lincoln School Forest Grove


A large two story wood building with a covered open area on the roof above the main entrance. Children are present in the front yard, standing in a circle holding hands. Grades 9 and 10 were added in 1904 and grades 11 and 12 in 1907. This building was later replaced with a brick building in 1938.
[front] [red ink] The Lincoln School, Forest Grove, Ore. Pub. For the Book Store Forest Grove, Ore. [b-side] [ink]Mr and Mrs Robert Allen Camas Wash.. Postmarked Forest Grove Dec 30, 1909 with a one cent stamp. Dec 29, 1909 Dear Folks, This is our new school building where we will attend school. Ella is here and we send our New Years Greetings to you. Have 48 in my grade. Hope you can read this, if not send for the ???. This was written several weeks ago but forgot to post it. [c-side] [ink] Miss Emma Dozier 345 N. 23d St., Portland Oregon Postmarked Forest Grove Sep ? with a one cent stamp. 9/19/10 How’s my girl! I missed your bright face Sunday among the rest but then I know I an not very far away after all. I have such a fine boarding place, and such a thoughtful landloard. Be very good. Until I see you Miss ?? [d-side] [ink] Miss Susie Hadden Newberg Oregon Postmarked Forest Grove Jan 21 1910 Forest Grove Jan 21, 1910 Dear Susie you are mistaken when you think we waited until the Farmer came back to tell us we knew it before you got to the Depot – Ha Ha Mrs. B H L

Date Created

circa 1904


photographic postcards






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