Forest Grove High School


Forest Grove High School


This brick three story building facing Elm Street was the first dedicated High School building and it was called South Park High School. There is a sidewalk in front and across the street, from where this picture was taken. This sidewalk looks to be boards and the street is packed dirt. There is also a fire hydrant on the same side of the street where the photographer took the picture. The main entrance is in the middle of the front of the building and there is an entrance on the left side, which can be seen in the photograph. There is are flower boxes at the two windows that are on each side of the entrance. A man is standing at the extreme left of the picture facing the camera. The building was sold to the Catholic Church and was being converted when it was destroyed by fire in 1956. The gymnasium, across Elm Street, was torn down in the mid 1980's.
[front] Forest Grove High School – Bryant Photo [back] Mrs Garfield Gilmore Sandstone Minn Postmarked Forest Grove Jan 27 1914 with a one cent stamp. My dear Mrs Gilmore; thank you for card received so long ago. We speak of you so often and hope you’ll soon come back. We are having rather more rain than we need, but, it is warm. Our Baby will be a year old tomorrow. Sincerely Nettie White

Date Created

circa 1931


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