Store Interior Forest Grove


Store Interior Forest Grove


Picture taken inside a store from the front looking towards the back of the store. Two women are in the picture, one standing behind the left counter/showcase and the other sitting on the customer side of the same counter/showcase. This showcase contains bins of bulk consumables. There is an ornate cash register on the left wall along with shelves of canned goods. A scale is on the counter top next to the woman behind the counter and there is a dispenser for three sizes of paper for wrapping good is. A hand operated coffee grinder is next to the back wall. There is also a counter/showcase on the right side and the right wall is included in the picture. The close end of this showcase contains cigars. There is a Tip Top Bread cabinet at the fare end of the counter and shelves of canned goods on right side wall.

Date Created

circa 1900


photographic prints






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