Forest Grove National Bank


Forest Grove National Bank


Picture looks to have been taken from the northeast corner of Pacific Avenue and Main Street. The building on the corner is a two story concrete building. There is a doorway at the corner and set back some and a 45 degree angle through the corner of the building. There is a square post in front of the door making an entrance from each street. There is a plaque on each side of this post and a sign in each window adjacent to the door FOREST GROVE NATIONAL BANK. On the second floor corner windows there are signs DR. POLLOCK DENTIST. Two more signs on second floor window are not legible. Adjacent to this building is another two story building with three storefronts and then a three story building. There is a post on the sidewalk between these two buildings with a large round clock at the top. There are two small groups of people in front of the bank and a man walking West by the first storefront past the bank. The sidewalk looks to be concrete and the streets are packed dirt.
[back] [pencil] Forest Grove ore. 3 – [blue ink] Forest Grove Pacific & Main 1908

Date Created

circa 1908


photographic postcards






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