First National Bank Forest Grove


First National Bank Forest Grove


Picture looks to have been taken from the middle of Main Street looking towards the northwest corner of Pacific Avenue and Main Street. The building on the corner is a three story concrete block and brick building. The brick starts on the second story and goes to the roof. There are two doorways, one facing each street, and close to the central corner. A plaque is by each door FIRST NATIONAL BANK. The bank opened in 1914. At the left end of the building is a doorway with a sign attached to the wall ?EACH ?STATE (real estate?) One of the second story windows on this side has a sign ?? CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR. Striped awnings adorn each of the street level windows and all are in the folded up position. On the right side at the end of the building is a storefront and a sign Littler’s ?? and a smaller sigh above the door DRUGS. A small awning is extended out over the doorway. There is a man on this side of the building walking north on the sidewalk. He has a dark jacket that goes below the waist and is wearing a wide brim dark hat. A woman in front of the drug store is wearing a bulky ankle length dark coat and a dark hat. She is walking north. The next three storefronts on Main Street have large plate glass display windows but no signs can be made out. There looks to be a drinking fountain in front of the second storefront. The next storefront appears to be a market. At the top of this tall two story building is a sign on the side wall ?? CO. GROCERIES TINWARE ?? There is a tall barber pole out front. The rest of the buildings along the street are not identifiable other than more two stories tall except for a couple of single story buildings. There is a large “pocket watch” sign hanging over the sidewalk just past the barber pole. There are some people around this location and four single horse drawn buggies are next to the sidewalk facing the camera. The street is packed dirt and sidewalks appear to be concrete with a curb. There is a metal strip on the face of the curved curb to keep the curb from being damaged due to vehicles jumping the curb when turning the corner. There is a fire hydrant in the southwest corner.
[front] No 44 First National Bank & Street Scene Forest Grove, Ore.

Date Created

circa 1915


photographic postcards






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