Tualatin Academy Class of 1886


Tualatin Academy Class of 1886


A group portrait of Tualatin Academy graduates, taken on June 1, 1886 in Forest Grove, Oregon. Tualatin Academy was a college preparatory high school attached to Pacific University. The students are wearing formal clothes and are wearing ribbons and/or corsages, and are holding their diplomas. The photographer's mark is obscured by the print, but based on matching photographs from the same period, it is identified as the work of the I.G. Davidson Photography studio, which was based in Portland.

The students are identified on the back in handwritten notes, with some omissions and errors. The names listed here are corrected, based on a list of graduates of the class published in the Pacific University Catalogue (1886). Starting with the top row, left to right, the students are: 1. William Macrum (see note below); 2. Charles O. Roe; 3. Clay McNamee; 4. G. W. Nelson? (see note below); 5. L. E. Wilkes; 6. John W. Smith; 7. Lincoln McLeod; 8. L. I. Bush; 9. Arle Watt; 10. John Lee; 11. Henry Sicade (see note below). In the bottom row, left to right: 12. Jessie Samuels; 13. Katie C. Smith; 14. Allie Samuels; 15. Nellie Lee (see note below); 16. Olive Kiger; 17. Mary Patton; 18. Mattie Koontz.

Note on student 1: The handwritten notes indicate that this is Newell Macrum, but he was in the class of 1887, while his brother William Macrum was in the class of 1886. This is more likely William.

Note on student 4: The handwritten notes do not identify this student, but based on school records, this is most likely G. W. Nelson.

Note on student 11: Henry Sicade was a member of the Puyallup Tribe who had formerly attended the Forest Grove Indian School before entering Tualatin Academy. He is the first confirmed Native tribal member to graduate from Tualatin Academy.

Note on student 15: The handwritten notes identify her as "Mary Lee," but school records show her name as being "Nellie Lee."

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