Puyallup Indian Boys at Indian Training School, Forest Grove


Puyallup Indian Boys at Indian Training School, Forest Grove


An outdoor portrait taken in 1881 or 1882 of twelve male students from the Puyallup tribal agency who were attending the Forest Grove Indian School. Those pictured appear to be from the first group of students from Puyallup who were admitted to the school on February 25, 1880. Notes pencilled on the back of the photograph identify several of them as: Augustus Kautz; David Brewer; Nugen Kautz; Henry Sicade; Peter Kalama; and Jerry Meeker. The remaining students probably include six of the other eight boys who were admitted in the same cohort: Charles Ashue, Samuel Ashue, Edward Richard, Andrew Richard, Peter Stanup, Samuel McCaw, Harry Taylor, and Willie Wilton. The back appears to be signed by Henry Sicade, who was one of the most successful former students of the school. This copy is water-damaged. This portrait was taken on the grounds of the Forest Grove Indian School by a photographer from the I.G. Davidson Studio, whose office was in Portland. It is part of a series of photographs of the school that were shot, sold and distributed by the Davidson Studio, with a portion of the sales going to support the school.
[front] [printed] Davidson Photo [hand written ink not legible due to water damage] [back] [stamped] Indian Training School, Forest Grove, Oregon. Capt. M. C. Wilkinson, U.S.A. in Charge. Group of Puyallup Boys. [ink] [handwritten] Indian Boys, Gus Kautz, David Brewer, Nugen Kautz, Henry S., Peter Kalama, Jerry Meeker

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