John D. Shorb House, Forest Grove


John D. Shorb House, Forest Grove


House is one story except for left end is two story with a gable front. The front porch starts at the right corner of the two story section and extends about half way across the front of the single story section. There is a white alternating picket fence with a gate between two large boxed fence posts. There are three people in the picture, a man, John F. Shorb, to the left of the front of the house, a woman, Addie Shorb, in the open doorway into the house and a man, John D. Shorb, with a beard sitting in a chair on the porch. All three are wearing hats and dressed in their finer clothing. There is a wood board sidewalk entering on the left side of the picture and extends across in front of the fence but terminates a short distance to the right if the gate.
[front] [black ink] John D. Shorb home in Forest Grove, Oregon Located on the east side of Fifth Street. Second house from corner of Second Avenue. –1890- John F. Shorb Addie Shorb John D. Shorb [back] [black ink] 1729 Elm St.; [type written] 1890 picture loaned by Joyce Sauber on April 5, 1995. 5200 N.W. Old Wilson River Road phone 357-2663 Picture of Shorb home in Forest Grove. Written on back: “Grandfather Shorb’s place on Fifth Street in Forest Grove. Aunt Addie standing in door. Grandfather sitting on porch. Dad standing by house = J.F. Shorb. (On east side of Fifth Street – 2nd house from corner of Second Avenue.)” NOTE: Writing was probably put on picture after 1890. Street names between 1893 and 1948 were: 2nd Ave. was what is now since 1948 – 18th Ave. 5th Street was what is now Elm St. Only Burial records in Forest Grove are following: Elizabeth Shorb buried 1890 age 70 in M.V. Lot 64 Henry Thomas Shorb 1943 age 93 in M.V. Lot 64 John D. Shorb 1909 age 87 in M.V. Lot 64 M.F. Shorb 1894 age 2 in M.V. Lot 64 Mary E. Shorb 1894 age 34 in M.V. Lot 64 R.A. Shorb 1894 age 6 in M.V. Lot 64 Only obituary found: Mary E. Shorb, wife of H.T. Shorb, died June 25, 1894 of pneumonia, age 30 years, 15 days, buried in Buxton Cemetery. Note: Henry Thomas Shorb was age 50 at time Mary E. Shorb died. Mary’s age in obituary are 30 does not agree with cemetery record 34 years. [ink stamp] Eric G. Stewart 2214 16th Avenue Forest Grove, OR 97116 Phone 357-5056 [black ink] April 1995 Attached is a portion of a Forest Grove city map dating 1912 showing the location of the Shorb house on Elm Street.

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