John Tigard House


John Tigard House


Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Tigard in front of their home on Pacific Highway. A wood picket fence behind the couple boarders the home's front yard. The house, built in 1880, is a one and one half story, white clapboard Queen Ann with a gabled roof. The left-front facade is dominated by a bay window containing two double-hung sash windows. The right-front facade contains a small porch and the front door. The porch and door entrance are covered by a small portico. A short stairway leads up to the porch from the front walk. the front facing gable contains a varied shingle facade, a circular window, and near the apex of the gable, a decorative bargeboard. John Tigard was the eldest son of Wilson Tigard and operated a coach route between Tigardville and Portland.

Date Created

circa 1890-1922


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