Members of the Butte Grange No. 148


Members of the Butte Grange No. 148


A faded black and white photograph shows various members of the Butte Grange No. 148. The members pose on the porch landing in front of the Butte Grange Hall, a white clapboard-sided building with a gabled roof. Behind the members is a doorway into the grange hall. Double-sash windows are visible to the left and right of the doorway. Above the doorway and the left window are two signs with the same inscription: 'Butte Grange No. 148 / P. of H. / Organized April 22, 1874' Three men standing in the back row each hold a staff, and another man standing to the far right holds a staff with an owl carving on top. Several men and one woman are wearing hats. A woman in the front row holds an infant, and a woman in the back row holds a young girl. All members have a ribbon pinned to their left breast. In 1874 when the Butte Grange was established, the area around present day Tigard was known as Butte and East Butte.
Butte Grange No. 148 / P. of H./ Organized April 22, 1874

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