Tigard telephone office


Tigard telephone office


A black and white photograph of Rose Scheckla in a black dress standing on the porch of the first Tigardville Telephone Office. The telephone office is a one story, white rectangular building with a gabled roof and covered porch. At the front of the office is a doorway on the left side and a double pane window with a curtain in the lower half of the window on the right side. A wood and wire railing runs along the front of the porch. A small sign featuring the outline of bell is partially visible in the upper right-hand corner of the porch space. Rose Scheckla was a telephone operator from 1908-1909. Telephone service first came to Tigardville in 1902 when telephone line was laid from Beaverton to Charles F. Tigard's Tigardville General Store. From 1902 until 1905, the telephone switchboard was located in the Tigardville General Store and operated by the Tigard family.

Date Created

circa early 1900s


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