Egyptian plowing demonstration


Egyptian plowing demonstration


Two oxen pull a wooden plow in a field. The plow is being held down by a man in slacks, shirt, and with a straw trilby. The reins are held by a man in Egyptian costume, consisting of a white scull cap, a shirt with reflective circular disks sewn on the yoke, and a striped cotton skirt. He holds a long, thin goad in one hand. The field is bordered by a barbed wire fence, and a number of cars and a stock truck are parked alongside the road beyond a ditch filled with plants. Three girls sit on a plank fence, looking down the road at something. They wear skirts and shirts tucked in and have short hair. Power lines run along both sides of the road, held up by poles with from one to three cross-bars. Thick stands of leafy trees are visible in the background of the image.

Date Created

circa 1940s


photographic prints






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