Hillsboro Boys' Baseball Team


Hillsboro Boys' Baseball Team


A boys' baseball team poses in a studio. Three boys sit cross-legged in the front, five others kneel, and two stand behind them. All but one of the boys wear light-colored, long-sleeved uniforms with knickers, dark socks, and caps. The uniforms are buttoned to the neck and each have a large 'H' on the left chest. In the center of the group, an older boy kneels, he wears a long sleeved shirt with an indecipherable symbol on the left chest and a dark, brimmed hat pushed back on head. Several boys display baseball globes, without webbing, and one of the seated boys has a catcher's mitt. In front of the group two bats lay crossed over each other, with a catcher's mask. Numbers have been inked on each boy's uniform.
1 - Bill Nelson; 2 - Kenneth Humpke Humpke; 3 Robert Imbrie; Chad (struck out) Ward Wilks; 5 Ralph Ireland mgr; 6 Vern McKennie; 7 Clifford Long; 8 George Humpke; 9 Clair Willis; 10 Lynn Ballard. 1907 or 1908. given to Wash. Co. Pioneer Museum. Verne McKinney, Dec. 1966. This belongs ot Ralph, am using it to protect other pictures. Ireland.

Date Created

circa 1908-1909


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