Forest Grove Garage & Bicycle Shop


Forest Grove Garage & Bicycle Shop


Five Brass Era cars are parked in front of two buildings. The building to the left bears a sign reading 'G.A. Corl/Forest Grove Garage/Bicycles.' Beneath the sign is an open garage door, an open door, and a glass window. The building next door is white clapboard, with glass windows and an illegible sign hanging over a recessed entry. Several men in suits and hat observe from behind the row of cars; drivers sit in each car, and are identified on the back of the picture. Three wear bowler hats and suits, while the remaining two and the passenger wear newsboy style hats and overalls or jackets. Cars pictured are identified as a Buick, a Ford, an Olds, and a Rambler.
From left to right: 1. Grant Hughes (Buick), 2. Lloyd McNut, 3. Dr. Brown (Ford), 4. Man in door (?), 5. Not known, 6. Mr. Baldwin (in door), 7. Oliver Corl (Olds), 8. Albert Corl, 9. Tommy Hughs (Rambler), 10. Fred Mills, 11. Mr. Rasumussen (Operated store in back--Now Hamilton Garage.)

Date Created

circa 1900s


photographic prints






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