Carnation Milk workers, Hillsboro, 1904


Carnation Milk workers, Hillsboro, 1904


A group of about two dozen adults of various ages pose in front of a building. Eleven women stand in an angled line before a raised porch. Two more women sit on the porch, and eleven men stand on the porch behind the women. The women wear long skirts with full, tucked in blouses, and all wear their hair up; their clothes appear worn and dirty. Two have their hair pulled back in snoods with large bows tied on top of their head, two others appear to have large, shapeless hats on the back of their heads. The woman at the left end of the line has a crisp white shirt tucked into a dark skirt, a bow tie, and wears a low-crowned hat with a wide, stiff brim. She holds a second hat like the first. Next to her, a woman wears a dark shirt with white polka-dots and a necktie, tucked into a dark skirt. All but one of the men wear overalls and work shirts. Two wear hats. One man at the right side of the group wears a three-piece suit with a bow tie, a watch on a fob, and a light-colored fedora. The building in the background is wooden, with large double doors and windows visible above the porch level. Written in dark ink on the mat below the image is: 'Carnation Milk Co. workers, Hillsboro 1904 - 1st St. & Maple.'
Men: Left to right: 1 - Hiram Smith, 2 - Art Walker ?, 3 - Frank Unger, 4 - Chas. Schomberg, 5 - Edd Schoeler, 6 - Perry Hughes, 7 - George Ledford, 8 - Ed Fessler, 9 - Joe [Fessler], 10 - Frank Cortaoose, 11 - Fred Schomberg; Women: L. to R.: 1 Lillie Philly, 2 Flora Hahn, 3 ? Peterson, 4 - Bessie Schomberg, 5, 6. Ada Galloway, 7 - Amanda Hartrampf, 8 - Lizzie Gheen, 9 - Rose Cave, 10 - Mrs. Williams, 11 - Mona Williams. In center <illegible> Birdie Petterson McCormick, Bertha Gallaway. Carnation ^Milk Co. Milk workers 1904. Donated by Mr. Don Ledford, Feb. 17, 1960, to Wash. Co. museum.

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circa 1904


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