Weil's Department Store, Christmas sale


Weil's Department Store, Christmas sale


Photo taken from above and across from a group of men, women, and children lined along in front of a store. All are facing the store, wearing coats and hats. Two cars are parked along the dirt street in front of the concrete sidewalk; one resembles a 'jalopy' and has a spare tire rim alongside the driver's side door. The second has a longer wheelbase and a more substantial cab. A child in a long coat and a hat stands on the back rear wheel well; a young boy leans against the car beside her. Two other children stand at the back of the car, facing the street. Two women also stand next to the car, watching the line of people. One of the women has a fur shawl around her shoulders. A fire hydrant is visible on the utmost right of the photo, and power lines criss-cross the image. The building is brick painted white, and awnings shelter glass windows that make up the front of the first floor. Double hung windows with awnings are spaced along the second story, with the window in the middle being multiple paned and having two smaller oblong windows on either side of it.
Front: Weils Store, 1920. Back: Customers waiting for doors to open at one of Weils Dept. Store's sales. This picture shows consistent advertising in Hillsboro Argus 'paid off' in early days, too. About 1920.

Date Created

circa 1920s


photographic prints






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