Camping near Hillsboro, Oregon, circa 1880


Camping near Hillsboro, Oregon, circa 1880


A group of people outdoors, with tents and camping gear in a heavily wooded area. Three women sit or stand near a makeshift set amidst several tables underneath a small awning. Pots and pans sit on the tables ,and a coffee pot on the stove. Another awning is set up behind the first, and laundry hangs from several lines strung about the camp. All the women are wearing long full skirts with full-sleeved jackets, and their hair is up. One has a tray and appears to be painting. Another woman sits nearby with her arms resting on her upraised knees. In the background a man stands, wearing a white shirt, vest, and bow tie with a hat. To one side, a young boy sits on the back of a small, wicker-paneled wagon-like vehicle with tiller steering and wire-spoked wheels. Decorative iron rims extend above the side panels of the back of the vehicle. What appears to be a bicycle is parked beyond the tree beside the vehicle. In the foreground, a pot hangs from a rack and steams over a fire. A folding campstool sits nearby, with a folded newspaper on the ground beside it.
Back: Camping near Hillsboro, Oregon about 1880. Could be family John Brown, former curator of Museum.

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circa 1880


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