Giebner Cannery, Banks, Oregon


Giebner Cannery, Banks, Oregon


Workers of various ages sit along both sides of two cannery belts, sorting small fruits. All but one elderly man in the upper right of the image are women. They wear white shirts and hair nets; one has a dark sweater on and another a flowered shirt. All have shorter hairstyles, most straight on top and curly towards the bottom; most have hairnets, but several wear their hair held back by headscarves. Elongated covered lights are suspended from a high ceiling to hang over the conveyor belts, and the women sit on stools with cans at their sides. One woman holds a bucket over her arm. In the left background is a bare plank wall, with studs visible; the back right wall shows unidentifiable machinery. Some of the women wear glasses.
Giebner Cannery, Banks

Date Created

circa 1950s


photographic prints






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