Carsten's Mill, Manning Oregon, circa 1890s


Carsten's Mill, Manning Oregon, circa 1890s


Men, women, and two children stand with a number of horses in a dirt yard in front of a long, low open-sided building. Four women stand behind a plank in a row in the center of the image. They wear full, ankle-length skirts, and long mutton sleeves. Their hats are low-crowned and flat-brimmed, and one is decorated with flowers. Two small children stand one between the last two women on the right and one at the end of the line. They wear full white long-sleeved dresses. A dog sits at feet of the second woman to the left. Behind the second woman on the left, a dog sits on the ground. Behind the row of women, there is a row of men and horses. On the left, a man stands between two horses, holding each of their reins. Next to them, there is another horse and a man on a horse next to that. The next two horses are tied to a wagon and a man sits on the horse to the right while holding the reins of a third horse to his right. Another man sits on a middle horse while holding the reigns of two rider less horses. Just to the very right of the photo, a man sits in a wagon. In the background of the image, cut lumber is stacked, and a wagon appears to be loaded with logs. In the far right, a two-wheeled carriage with a woman seated in it is just visible. The top of a picket fence runs through the very foreground of the image. A thick stand of pine trees fills in the background.
Front: Carsten's Mill at Manning--early '90s. Back: Lewis Carstens' Mill, across from Ellen Benefiel's place. Early 1890s. Lewis Carstens Mill at Manning Oregon. Sally Bailey. Donor. Verne McKinney

Date Created

circa 1890


photographic prints






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