Imbrie--Sewell Camp, Netarts, 1904


Imbrie--Sewell Camp, Netarts, 1904


Group portrait of Imbrie and Sewell Families camping. A group of men and women pose around a campsite, identified by numbers written in ink. Boxes and chairs are spaced around the camp, with two canvas tents set up in the background. A rack hold pans and rifles, and a silver coffee pot sits on a stove in the middle of the image. Smoke rises from a fire, and the ground is grassy. Leafy trees and bushes cover a rise in the background. At the left of the image, a young woman ('1 - Tish Imbrie') in a turtleneck and mid-calf length skirt sits next to an older boy ('2 - Beagle') on a blanket covered bench; her hair is pulled back with a large bow. He wears short pants and long drawers; they both wear newsboy hats. Next to them a woman ('3') is seated on a camp stool; she also wears a dark turtleneck, a long skirt, and her hair is up in a pompadour. Next to her is a man ('4') in overalls and a dark jacket seated on a folding chair with an axe leaning against his thigh. An older woman stands between two young adults in the background; the boy ('5') wears long pants, a turtleneck and a newsboy hat, the young woman ('6') a light shirt tucked into a dark skirt. In front of them sit two women, one ('7') in a dark blouse with a white lace collar and long full sleeves tucked snugly into a long skirt, the other ('9') in a loose, dark-striped jacket over a long skirt. A man ('9') in a suit and bowler hat sits on a chair in front of them. Two adults on the right side of the image hold guns: a man ('10') in a suit with newsboy cap, standing with his hands resting on the muzzle of the gun, and a young woman ('11') with a striped shirt and necktie tucked into a mid-length skirt. She is seated, one leg crossed over the other, both hands holding the muzzle of a rifle that leans against her lap. A girl ('12') and a boy ('13') recline on a blanket on the ground in front of the group; she wears a light-colored short skirt, a dark sweater with white stripes on the waist and wrists, and a newsboy hat. He wears a light sweater, short pants over drawers. They both wear boots.
[Front] Netarts by the Sea, 1904. Meresse Photo. [Back] Happy Camp, 1904. J W Sewell family and J.A. Imbrie family; [pencil] Vacation at Netarts, Ore. [illegible] date Tillamook [illegible]; Team and Wagons over Wilson River Road, 3 days going and 3 days coming [sic] back. 1. Tish Imbrie; 2. Beagle, Boy; 3. Edna Zilley; 4. Grandpa Sewell; 5. Bob Weathered; 6. Clair Imbrie; 7. Grandma Sewell; 8. Jim Imbrie; 9. Anna Imbrie; 10. Fred Sewell; 11. Mary Sewell; 12. Mary Sewell; 13. Bob Imbrie; 14. Mrs. Beagle. Given to Wash. Co. Museum by Jessie Donelson Sewell, Feb. 13 - 1961.

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