Alex Chalmers house


Alex Chalmers house


Portrait of a light-colored, t-shaped, gabled roof house. The main leg of the house has a pitched roof and a porch that runs along the entirety of the side. Two doors open directly out to the porch, with a single, double-hung window between them. A bench sits near the second door, and hanging plants decorate the eaves. What looks the striped portion of a United States flag hangs against the wall beside the window. A chimney sits atop the roof, and another peaked roof is visible behind the first roofline. To the right of the image, a large, open barn like structure sits. the cross-bar portion of the house is two-storied, with a higher peaked roof than the other portion. Single double-hung windows appear in the side, next to each other in the front, and in the upper story. What appears to be a door leads into this part of the house from the roof. A leafy vine trails up the side of the house and spreads out over the first floor windows and beneath the second floor window, which is open. A chimney sits atop this roof, and a second, matching portion protrudes from this section of the house to the left of the image. A large, leafy bush and a picket fence fill the left side of the image, and large, leafy trees fill the skyline on the right. The yard in front of the house is grassy, with a bare section extending to the right from the very end of the main leg in front of and then along underneath the open structure next to it.
[Front] 1912. [Back] Home of Alex Chalmers, near Shefflin's. Shefflin, Oregon.

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