Donelson and Sewell Chapel


Donelson and Sewell Chapel


Photograph of a large, elaborate, two-story Queen Anne style building. Stairs lead up to a porch with decorative trim that wraps around the front corner section of the house. A single door opens to the front, with an open screen door; stairs lead down at the rear of the porch to the side of the house. A square tower with a diamond-shaped window and a conical steeple sits atop a widows walk on the second story. A window in the front first floor of the house bears the legend 'W.O. Donelson, Funeral Director.' Gingerbread trim decorates the gables and the roofline of both sections of the t-shaped house. Beveled corners feature single, double-hung windows through the first floor. On the left of the image a large, square tower with sloping sides is attached to the house. A single door with a window opens out of the second floor front of the tower, and a railing runs around the edge of the roof. A scaffolding supports a windmill with a weathervane at its rear. Two vehicles are parked on the packed dirt street next to the curb. One is a four-door, brass age automobile. The other is a hearse, featuring side lamps and curtained windows in the back. an unidentified man dressed in a suit with a bowler hat, white shirt with upright collar and tie stands in front of the car. Pine trees and other bushes decorate the flat, grassy yard, and a sidewalk is set just beyond the curb, with blooming roses and other bushes separating it from the street.
[Back] Donelson and Sewell Chapel. Could have been building in late 1800's [sic] years ago on site of present chapel. Check with Jessie. Taken around 1918.

Date Created

circa 1918


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