Inside the Buxton Saloon


Inside the Buxton Saloon


Two men stand inside a saloon. One man in a business suit, with a thick mustache and wire-rimmed glasses, stands at the end of the bar, his hands, with fingers interlaced, resting on his stomach. Behind the bar on the other side of the image, a man in a white jacket and tie stands, holding aloft a foaming glass of beer. Between the men on the back wall is a large mirror, with an ornate metal cash register and a number of glasses arranged in front of it. Shelves adorn each end of the mirror, and a wooden framework with carved spindles rises above it. To the left of the man in the suit sits an old fashioned icebox style cabinet. Spittoons are set on the floor along the bar's bottom rail, and three deer-head trophies line the wall above the bar. Advertisements for 'Old Joe Gi[illegible] Whisky' and 'H. Weinhard Brewery Buck Beer' adorn the walls, along with a large print of a woman in a fluffy feathered hat. A curtained entrance segregates the section of the bar to the right of the image from the rest of the area.
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Date Created

circa 1890s


photographic prints






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