Washington County officers at the Courthouse


Washington County officers at the Courthouse


Sepia-toned image of a group of men on the Hillsboro Courthouse steps. A boardwalk leads up to graduated steps that culminate in a wide porch. Strung across the porch and down the steps on either side are ten men in suits, arranged so that they appear to be of the same height. Two men stand at least one step down so that they do not tower over everyone else . All the men wear three piece suits, some in the sack suit style and others in a three piece vested style. All hold their hats, which are bowlers, fedoras, and other stiff-brimmed hats. About half have full, bushy mustaches; the rest have full beards, some in the Van Dyke style. One man leans on a cane. The building behind them is solid brick, all of one tone, and the courthouse doors are open.
[Back] Left to R: 1 - Fletcher. 2 [blank]. 3 - E. C. Hughes. 4 - W. N. Barrett. 5 - J. W. Morgan. 6 - H. R. Ford. 7 - W. N. Pointer. 8 P. M. Dennis. 9. William Waggoner. 10 - R. Crandall.

Date Created

circa 1880s


photographic prints






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