Downtown Cornelius


Downtown Cornelius


Downtown Cornelius, Oregon around the 1880s. This photograph was taken looking west at what is now the intersection of Alpine Street and 12th Avenue, on the south side of the railroad tracks. On the right side of the photograph is a large grain warehouse belonging to the town’s namesake, T.R. Cornelius. According to notes on the back of the photograph, the buildings from foreground to background on the left side of the photograph are: St. Joseph Hotel; Dr. Clark Smiths’ Drugstore; a store owned by T.R. Cornelius; a warehouse; a saloon; and Keim’s store. None of the buildings pictured appear to have survived today. Notes identify several of the people standing in the photograph: “T.R. Cornelius, black hat, in front of door; Scott Cornelius in doorway; Dr. Smith, tall man near corner of hotel; Alec Couture sitting on platform, first in picture.” Several horse-drawn wagons appear in the background. The grain warehouse was the place where farmers from surrounding communities brought their wheat so that it could be moved to market via the railroad nearby. The photograph was taken by the I.G. Davidson Studio of Portland. This appears to be a black-and-white copy print of an earlier albumen card print. It was donated to the museum by Lester Mooberry, a prominent area resident who wrote a book on the history of Forest Grove and Cornelius.
[Front] Cornelius; J.G. Davidson, Photo., Portland, Oregon. [Back] Cornelius in 1875 [note: probably actually the 1880s, based on the photographer]. Warehouse owned by Col. J.R. Cornelius. Brought in by Lester Mooberry, May, 25-1964 [sic]. St. Joseph Hotel - J. R. Miller proprietor. Drug store run by Dr. Clark Smith. Store owned by T.R. Cornelius. Warehouse. Saloon where horses are tired. Keirns[?] store on far corner. Old timers say the have seen teams standing in line for 3 blocks waiting to unload their wheat at this warehouse. Street south of highway and Railroad tracks in Main part of Cornelius. T. R. Cornelius - black hat - in front of door. Scott Cornelius in doorway. Dr. Smith - tall man near corner of hotel. Alec Couture sitting on platform - first in picture.

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circa 1880


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