Hoover homestead


Hoover homestead


Sepia-toned image of a large, two-story home behind a white, wrought-iron fence. A woman in a long, dark print dress and a white apron stands on a dirt road in the foreground of the image; a small girl stands beside her. The girls Is wearing a dark, flat boater-style hat, a dark, loose-fitting, dropped-waist dress with long sleeves beneath a pinafore of the same construction and buttoned boots. The woman has her hand on the handle of a baby carriage with large, thin spoked wheels with a seat and a back with a dark ruffle. At least one small child in a white dress and bonnet appears to be sitting in the carriage. Behind the front of the carriage is a toddler, wearing a white outfit and a dark-colored bucket hat. The house has covered porches running the length of both floors, each with two doors opening out onto the porch. The doors are each bracketed by two paned windows. The railing on the upper porch appears to be partially broken out, and a woman in a fitted, dark dress with white buttons, white collar, and a long, full skirt stands with both hands holding a hat which hangs against the railing. Another woman in a dark top and light skirt stands just down from her. On the lower porch, a person with gray hair and dark clothes sits by an open door, though which a window on the other side of the home can be seen. A dark horse is tied to the front fence near an open gate. Plants hang from the eaves of both levels of the porch, and the trees and bushes in the frame are bushy, with a large, flowered bush blooming in the front center yard. Another small building can be seen just behind and to the image-right of the house.
[Back] Hoover Homestead; William Connell House at Glencoe about 1887. [Illegible--possibly 'Leona'] & Helena Victor on the balcony. Donor Chas. Reichman. Rondo[?]. Ann [?] Connell; Aurr [?] ' ' ; Hattee [sic] ' '; Grace Connell

Date Created

circa 1887


photographic prints






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