Hillsboro Band at Bandstand


Hillsboro Band at Bandstand


Sepia-toned image of a band standing on the steps of an octagonal bandstand in front of a large brick building. The fourteen band members wear dark, long-sleeved uniforms with braid and frogs on the fronts and hats. Two drummers stand in front, one with a bass drum and one with a smaller drum; between them stands a boy carrying symbols. Other visible instruments are brass, trombones, cornets, etc. The bandstand is light-colored wood with darker wood accents on each panel. Behind the grandstand the Hillsboro Courthouse is visible. To the right of the image is a white house with a gabled roof. The field is grassy, and trees are in the background are in full leaf.
[Back] Hillsboro Band. From Top: 1 - W. W. McKinney. 2 - Bruce Wilkes. 3 - Max. Crandall. 4 - Cal. Jack. 5 - Dr. C. B. Brown. 6 - Len. Whitcomb. 7 - Benton Bowman. 8 - Cecil Humphreys. 9 - Frank Williams. 10 - William Wall. 11 - [blank]. 12 - Sleger Harry [sic]. 13 - Chas. Lamkin. 14 - E. L. McCormick. Bandstand in Hillsboro Courtyard. East side of ' ' house. About 1895.

Date Created

circa 1895


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