Hillsboro Fire Department, 1925


Hillsboro Fire Department, 1925


Sepia-toned image on matting of two fire trucks on a street with firefighters sitting in and standing around them. Both trucks are open cabs and appear to be from the Brass Era. The truck in the front has open-spoked wheels and ladders mounted above an open cab, and other ladders and equipment fill the rear of the vehicle. Two men sit in the cab, one mans stands on the rear running board. A man in the front holds a large axe. The Stutz Pumper (500 Triple Combined K-3) to the rear has solid wheels and pipes attached to the sides. A brass bell is mounted behind the cab. The rear wheels have chains on. Two men sit in the open cab, one man sits on the bed behind them. All the men wear uniforms: pants, shirts tucked in and buttoned up to the neck, and pilot's hats with insignia. In the background is the Washington County Courthouse, behind a number of pine and bare leafed deciduous trees.
[Front] April, 1925. [Back] [ink] Property of W. F. Tews. From left to right. F. Waible; C. Larsen; J. Hensly; J. Shaw; V. Bachelor; W.O. Morley, Chief; Frank Pranger; W. F. Tews, Driver; J. Hanel, asst chief; X [sic] X [sic]; B. Gifford, asst driver; G. Zumwalt. Taken in April, 1925. Taken on Main St. in front of Court House, Hillsboro. Given by Mr. Walt Tews, Mar. 23rd 1968 to Wash. Co. Pioneer Museum. [Typed Note] Taken on Main St. South of Courthouse Two Vehicles. The White Truck and [pencil] Stutz Pumper. Left to Right: F. Waible, J. Hensley, V. Bachelor, Frank Pranger, J. Hanel, Ass't Chief, B. Gifford, Ass't driver, G. Zumwalt, C. Larsen, J. Shaw, W. O. Morley, Chief, and W. F. Tews, Driver. two snap shots of right and left view of White truck.

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