Hillsboro Fire Department, 1912


Hillsboro Fire Department, 1912


Black and white image of a group of firefighters in uniform, riding on a horse-drawn fire truck. The men wear pants, dark shirts with two rows of buttons, bow ties, and pilot style hats with insignia. The road is smooth, and a two-story brick building with windows is visible behind them. United States flags fly from behind the driver, the middle of the wagon bed, and the end, and a lantern and other equipment are just visible along the side of the wagon.
[Back] [ink] 1912 = F. E. Hartrampff [sic]; R. Hartrampff[sic]; J. A. Hensley; F. C. Waible; R. L. Sears; Earl Luther; Wm. Bron [sic]; Tom Dooher; Ryan, John; Barber, C.; Smith, J.; Dooher, M.; Taylor, Fred; Bruno, Bill. Team in service till March 7, 1922. Put body of Horse-drawn rig on White truck March 7 - 1922. Walter Tews. [pencil] all not accounted for 14 listed, 17 or 18 in picture. 1912. [Typed note] horse drawn fire wagon taken in 1912, Ferd Hartrampf was Fire Chief. Those listed are: F. E. Hartrampf, R. Hartrampf, J. H. Hensley, Driver, Driver, F. C. Waible, R. L. Sears, Earl Luther, WM. Bron; Tom Dooher, John Ryan, C. Barber, J. Smith, M. Dooher, Fred Taylor, and Bill Bruno. all are not listed the background being very dim. The team was in service until March 7, 1922, when the body of the horse drawn rig was put on the White truck (Walter Tews.) [ink] More history in file (Fire Dept.)

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circa 1912


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