Good Templars group photo


Good Templars group photo


Sepia-toned image of a row of men and women standing in a field with houses behind them. The men wear suits and the women have long dresses with fitted jackets and skirts pleated at the bottom and bustled at the back. Most wear robes, some with white collars and others with dark dollars sporting a number of medals. The men have removed their hats for the picture, but the women have not. the trees behind them have a few leaves, and pine trees are visible in the right image background.
[Back] [pen] Independent Order of Good Templars no. 17, Hillsboro, Oregon. [ink] Judge C. T. Tozier, Miss Flora Morgan (Geo Smith), Miss Edyth Tozier (W. L. Weatherred), Mrs. Orderman, Leroy Tozier, W. L. Weatherred, C. W. Ransome, R. D. Malone, Miss Mary Gibson (C. W. Ransome), Mr. [blank] Dix, Miss Susie Brown (J. W. Morgen - Tom Cornelius [sic]), Amos Adams, Albert Tozier [inserted in pen] died June 27, 1937, JMBrown [sic] Co. Historian, [ink] X X [sic], Miss Mary Wehreng (Dave Corwin), Jessie Daley, William Adams, Rozella Tozier, Marion [struck out in pencil, superseded by] Flora [ink] Adams, John Mills, T. J. Magoris (married Flora Vite), [pencil insert] Mary Brown, [ink] Jim Morgan, Charlotte Wehrung (Geo Patterson), Mary Boscow (Will Wehrung), Alice Brown (John Miller), Joe Adams, X [sic], Marian McClaid Lewelin [sic], Daely, [illegible], Jess [illegible] Vencent [sic] (Winters). This picture taken at Hillsboro. [Printed] Davidson Brothers, Cor. 1st & Yamhill. Portland, Oregon. All Negatives Preserved. Duplicates of this picture can be had at any time.

Date Created

circa 1880


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