Group portrait


Group portrait


Sepia-toned portrait of a group of adults and children sitting outside on rocks, with a large trestle behind them. The women wear long skirts with a small bustle, shawls, and hats. The men wear suits and hats, and have groomed mustaches. One man and one woman hold babies wearing long gowns in their laps. The baby held by the man is bareheaded and has boots; the child held by the woman wears a coat and bonnet. Two young children are with the group; both wear newsboy caps. The girl sits with her knees together and hands in her lap; the boy wears a sweater and short pants with dark stockings. He stands with one foot crossed over the other, leaning on a cane, with his hand on the shoulder of the woman holding the baby. Her head is turned as if to speak to him. One woman in the background wearing a striped skirt is watching the man with the baby.
[Front] [pen] Mrs. Susie Morgan, J. W. Morgan & Edwin; Mrs. Fowler; Miss Fowler of Glencoe; Tommy; Mrs. E. C. Hughes & Baby; Fowler of Glencoe [printed] Crawford Paxton, Albany, Oregon. [Back] Hillsboro people ca 1895

Date Created

circa 1885


cabinet photographs






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