Grant Mann family


Grant Mann family


Black and white image of the Mann family standing in a yard in front of a house. A man and a woman and four children. The woman wears a striped dress with a yoke and a flat, boater-style hat. She holds a small baby in a long white dress and a bonnet. Two boys wear loose shirts, buttoned to the neck, short pants, and Tam o'shanter style hats. One boy holds a dog at his side by the collar. the girl wears a knee-length dress with a yoke and full sleeves. the man wears dark pants, white shirt, suspenders and a brimmed hat. The house behind them is a single-story gabled building, with an extended gable on the front and a covered porch. Vines cover most of the porch, and bushes are visible at the front and sides of the house. A shed is just visible in the background.
[Back] [pen] About 1908 [scratched out and superseded by] 1902. Taken on the farm out by the Johnson & Simpson road. Farm of 55 R. [pencil] South of Hillsboro. [pen] Family is Grant Mann, his wife Martha Hare Mann, 4 children then - Margaret Mann Mooberry of Hillsboro, Joseph F. Mann of Portland, Inspector of Buses, Wm. G. Mann, now deceased 1960, Ray J. Mann, (the baby) now living on a farm at Laurel. [pencil] Living in Hillsboro 1971. Margaret Mann Mooberry now (June 1971) living at Cornelius. She and Lester will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary June 27, 1971, at Methodist Church, Cornelius, Oregon.

Date Created

circa 1902


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