Climax Mill


Climax Mill


Black and white image of a three story mill with a barn. Sacks of product are visible in the open door of the barn behind the loading dock. Train tracks run in front of the mill, and the street is muddy. Six men stand in a row in front of the mill itself. Two men on either end of the line wear suits and hats, as does a man in the middle of the line; one man wears a vest and another overalls. One man appears to be wearing a work outfit with a train conductor's type hat, while the last man wears overalls. A power pole is just visible to the far right edge of the image. White lettering spells out 'Climax Mill' on the front of the main building.
[Back] [pen] 1 Mr. Heim. ? 2 [sic], 3. F. W. Kellington 1935, 4. Andy Miller, 5 - Chas. Heim 1959, 6 - Chas. Mitchell - 1911. S. End of 2nd St., Hillsboro, Oregon. [pencil] Taken in 1909. 11/17/51. 1. Mr. Heim. 2 - Mike Dooher, 3. F. W. Kellington 1935. 4. Andy Miler. Miller - father of Haes [illegible]. 5 Chas. Heim - 1951, 6 Chas. Mitchell 1911.

Date Created

circa 1909


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