Hillsboro's first sewer


Hillsboro's first sewer


Large, black and white image mounted on a mat of a number of men standing alongside a trench where large sections of pipe are being laid. To the right of the image is a raised walkway. Power poles run along the walkway and the trench. The pipe sections are about 2/3s the height of a man. Most of the men in the fore of the group wear suits, though one has rolled up his sleeves and holds a surveyor's stick next to what appears to be a surveyor's transit mounted on a tripod. Most of the workmen hold shovels, and a young boy in the front middle of the image holds a metal bucket. One house is visible in the background, though other buildings are just visible through the trees in the far background.
[Back] [pen] 1st Sewer 1910. [pencil] Hillsboro.

Date Created

circa 1910


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