Crescent Theatre


Crescent Theatre


Mat-mounted black and white image of a group of young women in costume on a theater stage. A piano sits in the area right in front of the stage, and two benches with slat back are just visible in the foreground of the image. The women wear pompadour hair styles. Two women on each side of the group are dressed as Tudor style pages, with tunics and boots and lace collars. Several women on the left of the image wear white robes with elaborate designs on the hem and sleeves, while facing them is a group of women in white, knee-length dresses with dark cummerbunds. In the middle of the group six women hold up panels of fabric in a star formation; these women wear filmy dresses with shoulder straps and no sleeves. A number of other women in various costumes stand to the rear of the group, and in the far back of the group are several large axes being held upright.
[Back] [Label] Group Cantata of Esther. Cresent [sic] Theatre [sic] Hillsboro. South east corner, 3rd and Main St. at Old Opera House

Date Created

circa 1906


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