Office of Tualatin Hotel


Office of Tualatin Hotel


Sepia-toned image on heavy mat showing an interior hotel office with a clerk behind the desk. All three calendars on the wall are turned to July, 1911. The man behind the desk wears a short necktie tucked into his white shirt and suspenders and a light-colored hat. He stands behind a desk in a room with wainscoting; the wallpaper is dark stripes with geometric and foliage patterns, with a light-colored border along the top of the wall. A man's long coat hangs from a hook in the right side of the image. An electric light bulb is set into a fixture on the wooden ceiling, and flypaper hangs on a cabinet door. A door in the center of the wall bears a sign reading 'Dining Room,' and a sign next to the door state 'Meals, 25' and the hours for meals. Several signs state that rooms must be paid for in advance, and another asks patrons 'Please do not spit on the floor.' Three calendars with advertisements hang on the wall, including Illinois Commercial Men's Association, Columbia Life and Trust Company, and Bankers Reserve Life Company. One sign advertises 'Bulletin 5 Cigar,', and a board with numbered hooks, some sporting skeleton keys, hangs beneath that. An inverted horseshoe hangs over the dining room door.
[Front] Office of Tualatin Hotel 1911. [Back] [pen] Mrs. J. H. Foote. [address redacted], Portland, Ore. [black pen] Office of Tualatin Hotel in 1911. Jake Weil gave this picture to Verne McKinney, and Verne gave it to the Washington Museum in 1965. Mr. Foot [sic] in picture. [blue pen] owned the hotel. [grey pen] J. J. Hill owned Tualatin Hotel in 1908-9. Children Maude, Eunice, Doris, Dennis.

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