Cantata of Ruth


Cantata of Ruth


Sepia-toned portrait of a group of young people in costume. Most, both men and women, wear simple robes, gathered at the neck and with long, open sleeves. Some have an additional wrap over one shoulder, and the men wear turbans while the women wear skullcaps with veils attached. The group is arranged in rows, with those standing in the back, several kneeling in the middle, and seated in the front. In the very front, a woman and a man in a dress and a suit recline. Her dress has a long buttoned bodice, long sleeves gathered into a cuff at the bottom, and a high collar.
[Front] [Stamped] Crandall & McBride, Paris Panel, Cheboygan, Michigan. [pen] 1892. [Back] [pen] Front Row. 1. [blank], 2. [blank], 3. Mrs. Linklater, 4. Dr. C. B. Brown, 5. Minnie Barnes. 2nd Row 1. [blank], 2. [blank], 3. [blank], 4. John Brown. Third Row, 1. [blank], 2. [blank], 3. Frank Williams. [second pen] Oct. 1892 - Cantata of Ruth, Hillsboro, Oregon. Top. L to R 1. Moe Willis. 2. Ella Spanger, 3. Rev. Witham, 4. Minnie Willis, 5. Rev. Moody., 6. Jennie Archibold, 7. Albert Alexander, 8. M. O. Everitt [sic]. 2nd Row - 1 - Ida Everitt, 2. Estella Ranckin [sic], 3. A. B. Crandall, 4 - J. M. Brown. 5 - M. E. Everitt, 6 - May Clark. 3rd Row - 1. Eva Archibold, 2 - Grace Poe, 3., Zula Warren, 4. C. B. Brown, 5. Minnie Warren, 6. J. E. Brown, 7 - J. W. Spangler, 8 - Bertha Clark. Hillsboro people.

Date Created

circa 1892


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