Tualatin Hotel & Residents


Tualatin Hotel & Residents


Black and white image of a group of men gathered in front of a building. The men, largely wearing suits and hats, stand along the porch while some sit in chairs and others along the edge of the porch. One man in a light-colored shirt and wearing kepi is kneeling on one knee and holds a small dog in his arms. A streetlamp stands on the opposite edge of the boardwalk from the hotel. Numbers are written one or near most of the men, linking them to a list on the back.
[Front] [stamped] Partridge. Opposite the Post Office, Portland, OR. [label] Tualatin Hotel, Hillsboro. [Back, sheet of paper affixed to the cardstock] [black pen] Built 1852, N. side of Main St between 2nd & 3rd. [ink] Front Row: on knee 26, G. D. Campbell. Seated; 27 Luke Stewart, 28 J. B. Matthews Still Living [sic] Forest Grove Aug 1943, 29 Edd Stewart [lined out, followed by] Cornelius. 30 W. A. Finney, 31 ? [sic] Dr. Adkins? [sic], 32 Bill Moore Living Portland Hospital August 1943. 33 G. A. Wehrung Living Vancouver Wn [sic] ' ' ' ', 34 Will Emerich Living Vancouver Wn ' ' ' '. 2nd Row in chairs; 18. W. H. Rucker, 19 Frank Jenkins, 20 W. W. Boscow, J. W. Wood Living Hillsboro, 22 W. A. Brown, 23 G. W. Patterson; 24 Sidney Hinkle, 25 Dr. S. T. Linklater. Back Row, Standing. 1 D. O. Quick; 2 W. L. Jones publisher, 3 ? [sic], likely Wm Ledford Died Aug 1943 in Idaho [lined out], 4 ? Likely Wm Ledford Died Aug 1843 [sic] in Idaho, 5 Ralph Moore, 6 Will Jenkins, 7 Mahlone Malone [sic], 8. W. D. Wood, 9. J. S. Waggoner Co. Treas. 10 [blank] Harrington, 11 Rufus Waggoner Prop. Hotel, 12 Thos. B. Hanley Atty, 13, Joe Gilbert, 14, Chas Butler (Saw Mill [sic]), 15 W. A. Wise - Dentist living in Tillamook Aug 1943, 16 ?, 17 Jake Fickle

Date Created

circa 1890s


cabinet photographs






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