Hillsboro School (David Hill School)


Hillsboro School (David Hill School)


Black and White photo of a group of school children standing on the steps of a large school. The girls wear dresses of various styles and fabrics, but most appear to be knee-length and with elbow-length full sleeves. A couple wear pinafores over their dresses. The boys wear various outfits; some wear long pants and shirts, some short pants tucked into stockings with four-in-hand ties, and one wears a sailor suit. One boy is wearing overalls. A lady stands at the upper right of the photo, at the top of the stairs and to the right of the children. She wears a black shirt with a white collar, and has her hair up in a loose bun.
[Front] [Label attached to front middle] Hillsboro School, Later named David Hill School on Oak St., Second Grade, October 1908. Teacher - Rose Wilcox. [Label attached to left side] Front Row, Left to Right. 1. Leonard Hensley, 2. ? [sic] Colby, 3. Clarence Bucher, 4. Ava Grossen, 5. Addie Hughs. 2nd Row. 6. Estella Nelson, 7. Eula Jacobs, 8. Etta Gray, 9. Gladys Wann, 10. Max Griffith. 3rd Row. 11. Harold Carlisle, 12. Kenneth Crandall, 13. Claude Erwin, 14. Raymond Goodmiller, 15. Archie Pitman, 16. Alfred Cox, 17. Earl Carter, 18. Karl Curry. 4th Row. 19. Vernice Trullinger, 20. Althea Humke, 21. Annie Belgium, 22. Bessie Donaldson, 23. Bertha Lorsung, 24. Annie Rasmusen, 25. Vivian Lyons. [Label attched to right side] Teacher Rose Wilcox. 26. Lessetta Willoughby, 27. Wallace Boscow. 5th Row. 28. [pencil] Harold Smith. [pen] 29. [pencil] Geo. Lyons, [pen] 30. [pencil] Walter Ballard, [pen] 31. [pencil] Finless (or Felix) McCary [pen, superscript] twin. [pen] 32. [pencil] James Hillebrand, [pen] 33. Arthur Rollins, 34. Felix McCary (twin), 35. [pencil] Cinton Cameron, [pen] 36. [pencil] Willis Whitmore, [pencil] 37. ? [sic]. [pen] 6th row. 38. Ella Frost, 39. Isa Grabel, 40. Gladys Cornelius, 41. Agnes Tews, 42. Pearl Gardner, 43. Dorothy Linklater, 44. Gertrude Decker, 45. [pencil] Harlan Bonney. [pen] 7th Row. 46. Dora Stoffer, 47. Molly ? [sic], 48. Rosa Lorsung, 49. Rita Trullinger, 50. Emil Roy, 51. Edgar Kamna. [Back] Kenneth B. Crandall, 1908.

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