Banks School


Banks School


Sepia-toned image of a group of students standing outside of a white, wooden building. There are eight girls and at least twice that many boys in the group, and most appear to be late grammar or secondary school aged. Two of the taller girls wear long dresses with tight-waisted bodices, one with a white apron pinned to the front. All of the other girls wear short, loose dresses with long sleeves and made of material with patterns from plaid to stripes. The boys wear long pants and most have coats on. In the middle of the back row is a man with a full goatee and wearing a white shirt with a vest. The building has large, paned windows, and two of the panes on windows along the side have holes in them. The ground is bare, and an open meadow area behind the school leads into a forested area.
[Front] [stamped] DeGroot, Photograph [sic]. [pen] Banks School 1880. [Back] [pen] Front row: Banks School about 1880. No 8. [sic] Mary Purdin Taylor - Born 1865, mother of Lena Taylor Walker.) Teacher - Mr. Holmes with black whiskers, next on right J Hartley [sic]. Back row [insert] left [followed by] No. 1 - Wade Armentrout. ' ' ' ' from right to left Will Walker. Donated by Lena Taylor Walker, Feb. 14, 1960.

Date Created

circa 1880


cabinet photographs






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