Girls in front of Hillsboro bandstand


Girls in front of Hillsboro bandstand


A bandstand in a field with girls standing in front of it. An octagonal bandstand occupies the back of the image, and several people stand inside it. The man visible wears a dark suit, several others appear to be women in white, long-sleeved outfits with dark vests and white boater style hats, and a number hold white poles with decorative heads erect. The bandstand is two stories in height, and the lower portions are wooden plank construction with darker support planks nailed around each panel and over each in an 'x' shape. The roof is octagonal and extends up to a point. Plain bunting cover the railings around the gazebo floor and also hangs from the eaves, and the support poles are wrapped in the same material. Several girls are lined up before the grandstand; on the right are four girls wearing white or light-colored dresses; their hair is long and one girl wears a bow on top of her head. The first girl's jacket has a sailor collar, and a white, high-necked collar. The third girl in the row wears a white dress with ruffles about the shoulders and neck and elbow-length sleeves with ruffles at the end. Across from them on the left of the image, and older girl stands. Her hair is up and she wears a loose, white, long-sleeved shirt and a long white skirt. A sash of darker material crosses over her bodice up to her left shoulder. Behind the bandstand a shed, a fence, and a row of short trees is visible.
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Date Created

circa 1910s


photographic prints






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