Klineman Bros Brickyard


Klineman Bros Brickyard


Image mounted on matting of a number of people standing around a brickyard. All look at the camera. In the middle of the image a horse-drawn pugmill set just behind a large hold in the ground mixes clay for bricks; a man in overalls stands next to it. To the left of the image a man wearing a derby, overalls and a suit jacket holds a horse by its bridle, while the horse harnessed to the pugmill looks at them. Next to the mill, two men in overalls stand with empty wheelbarrows, two boys, also wearing overalls and holding shovels stand between them. Arrayed behind them are five men, also in overalls; in front of these men are two small wagons loaded with bricks in molds. A bald man holding a baby upright on his shoulder stands behind them, and to their right a woman in a light-colored blouse with full sleeves tucked into a long skirt stands with her hands behind her back. She wears a hat and there is a dog standing in front of her. Rows of drying bricks cover the yard behind the people. In the back of the yard is a 'scove' or 'clamp' kiln set beneath a makeshift simple plank roof. Steam rises from the top of the kiln. Behind the kiln, a large stack of wood stretches across the picture, and pine trees are just visible in the background, along with a number of bare trees in an empty lot to the left of the image. A bicycle leans up against the woodpile. A large trench runs through the foreground of the image, and a plank inclines down into it.
[Front] Klineman - Bros.

Date Created

circa 1900


photographic prints






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