Girls' drill team, parade, Hillsboro


Girls' drill team, parade, Hillsboro


Sepia toned image of a girls' drill team marching in a parade. Two ranks of older girls in long white dresses with dark ribbons on the bottom march alongside a two-horse buggy where another girl in a robe sits. Two boys in robes and short pants walk beside the four-wheeled carriage. The girls' dresses are long, with full skirts and sleeves. They wear dark vests and white, pilot-style hats. Each girl carries a white spear with a sharp point. They are preceded by two men bearing illegible signs. The street is plank, and people in dark clothing line the boardwalks to watch. Two women in the audience wear dark, long full skirts with full sleeved blouses and pompadour hairstyles. Bunting is draped across the street and tied off on power poles on either side. Buildings in the background are brick and two-storied, and a tree in full leaf fills the upper right of the image.

Date Created

circa 1900


photographic prints






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