Train off the rails


Train off the rails


Black and white image of a derailed train mounted on heavy mat. The train lays on its side to the right of the image; one passenger car is partially upright, while further along more cards are completely over on their sides. A large group of men in suits and hats stand on the tracks, though most are not looking at the wreckage. In the background two men have climbed up onto the wreckage, and another two stand looking at the bottom of one of the railcars. The weather appears to be wet and dreary, and most of the trees in the background are bare. The railroad ties are visibly scored with grooves where the train's wheels were dragged across as it went off the rails.
[back] [ink] Train Wreck at Carnation, Forest Grove, Oregon. Year ____ [black pen] 1908. Mrs. Bates and baby killed in this wreck. [pencil] Feb. 11, 1908. Mrs. Bates [sic] baby killed.

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